Our Trip to the BIG island: Part I

Our trip was a big success. We put just under 700 miles on our rental car, fell in love with an amazing property on the northern coast, ate lots of local produce, ate lots of local Mexican food (kind of random but we kept finding it), made awesome friends, and reconnected with old ones.

We winged the first two days and everything worked out better than planned. Our car rental must have been the last one on the lot because the clerk spent 20 minutes convincing us to take the hard to Jeep. She was very persuasive ad dropped the rice down so low we had to, it had 4 wheel drive! So where did we go just moments after?….. Target, food is very important. But right after that trip we drove up and through rivers, down the steepest paved road in the country and ended on a, just about empty, black sand beach. Waipio Valley is a must see if you ever visit the big island, although I wouldn’t recommend it if your rental looks like it could easily get stuck in mud, or the river. There was also a jaw droppingly beautiful waterfall we never reached, but on the next trip we will find her. We ended the day with a long drive to the northern most part of the island, some free hot cocoa (gotta love gift cards), and a nice warning from a police officer about camping in the beach park (bad boy, bad boys). Instead we settled for a river side suite where our air mattress deflated midway through the night. Ahh what sweet memories these stories make.
Sunday was our Heavenly day. This is the day we fell in love. We woke up and saw that the river we slept beside runs right through the middle of two properties for sale. We recognized one from our research but the second was totally new. Instead of looking it up on our phones, or calling the realtor, we snuck past the no trespassing signs and had a look. What did we find? :O We found, papaya trees so heavy with fruit that branches had fallen down, about 30 banana trees, 20 coconut trees, a mature mango tree, a fruit bearing breadfruit tree, two irrigated ponds that are used for growing taro, beautifully landscaped decorative plants, and just under 6 acres of green grass fields were tiny houses are just dying to be parked. We were in heaven.

The only problem was that it was ghost when we went to find it online so we had no idea what the price was. We sent all the information we could to our realtor to figure it out and went to church. At church, we spent four hours making new friends and finding more and more pros to moving to this amazing little community. We met farmers and seasoned community members, one lady said she’d never seen the mainland, that she didn’t plan to, and that she’d never leave the country. We loved the community members and they encouraged us to buy a place and come back quickly. No problem new friends, we are on it!


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