Our Trip to the Big Island Part II

For those who think Hawaii is always sunny and 70 degrees there is a very large area in Hawaii where the temperature drops to freezing and it snows! That place is of course on the Big Island and is known as Mauna Kea. We drove there right after church our Sunday there. We drove about an hour and a half and got to the base of the mountain, drove the 3-5 miles to the welcome center, only to find out that there was a blizzard with the temperature lower than I’ve ever experienced in my life. Needless to say, we were disappointed, especially about not being able to build a snowman. We definitely recommend checking the weather station before making the long drive down to the foot of the mountain. But because Michael and I are troopers, we drove to Hilo, ate tacos, and all was well again.
Monday morning, we awoke to a gorgeous sight! Another awesome waterfall, this time it was in Hilo. Rainbow falls is a gorgeous waterfall and was flowing viciously after a couple nights of heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, we had to drive to the other side of the island to finally meet with our realtor, so we didn’t get much time to explore, but we definitely recommend it. Breakfast was served in Waimea at an awesome restraint called Hawaiian Style Café. Michael, unaware of the size of their pancakes ordered two. Each pancake was the size of a small pizza, hahaha poor thing. Our realtor Teresa is the one who invited us, she is amazing! She is originally from Laie, now a Waimea resident, a down to earth farm girl, and very pro-agriculture and sustainability. After breakfast, we went to a couple lots for sale in Waimea and the area just north of Kona. We were impressed, but ever property we saw didn’t seem to fit the vision we have about Down to Earth Getaway. At the end of our day with Teresa, she managed to find us an avocado, lilikoi, and we managed to get a great deal and some tangerines but we confessed to Teresa that we weren’t too excited. We told about that lingering feeling and image we have of the mystery property we found on the Northern Coast. So she promised that the next day we would focus on that property. That was around 11am. Then we went our separate ways.
The rest of the day went something like this:
– We drove up then down a couple sketchy one way roads in Captain Cook to view some additional properties on our list.
– Visited Kona and made a white sandman
– Destroyed that sandman with a giant rock.
– Visited the temple
– Watched the sunset at the temple
– Argued about what to eat
– Discovered a place where they charge $27 for a plate of poke and rice :O (not cool)
– Michael got Mexican food (again)
– I ate PHO 🙂
– Reconnected with an awesome family from Moab who was staying in Kona
– Slept in a real bed!

Tuesday we made the hour and a half trip back to the Northern coast and finally met with the realtor who was selling our dream property. The property was even more majestic on a sunny day. We finally figured out the price and it was much more than we expected. Our realtor thinks we can drop the price about 75 grand at most but it would still be a big stretch for us. Unknowingly we attempted to negotiate with the realtor ourselves. It was a bit awkward for everyone. I think it’s a generational thing, but as millennials, we have never had anyone negotiate price for us, and apparently, realtors negotiate price for us or it gets really awkward and you make people feel uncomfortable. But we learned our lesson and are now following the real estate rules. When we finished the awkward business, we went on exploring the Northern Coast.

Honestly, we were trying to find reasons not to move there, but we only discovered more and more reasons to stay there and raise a family. Like the Mexican restaurant just down the street owed by a sassy Mexican from Chicago and his elderly neighbor who waves “hi” to everyone that drives by while he pets a fat cat. Just past the Mexican restaurant is the sweetest beach park with a nice little surf break and picnic area where I can literally see us having weekend long birthday parties. We drove the jeep down some dirt roads and found yet another valley, later we actually discovered there are about 13 similar valleys all along the coast that eventually connect to the first valley we visited in Waipio. Whether we move there or not, kayaking and camping in a couple of those valleys is on our bucket list. We even discovered a little recreational center in the town with a pool, indoor gym, and a cute little skate park. Lastly, as we were leaving what we hope is our future town, Michael noticed gas was 30 cents cheaper than anywhere else (except Costco, no one can beat Costco) and when we stopped at the local grocery I noticed that produce was cheaper than anything I had ever seen in Hawaii. That’s really what hit Michael and I in our weak spots, we are head over heels!

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