A Tiny Tour of Our Tiny House

For all those who havent been able to see what its like inside our tiny house, we decided to give a tiny tour of our tiny house. We hope you enjoy the video! If you have any questions about the house or anything you would like in particular, we would love to show more.

This is our home right now on Oahu, but our plan is to build on the Big Island of Hawaii. Click here to see our experience of the largest, most diverse, and most beautiful island in Hawaii.
We have a couple questions for you as well.
We want to give anyone the opportunity to experience living in a tiny house off-the-grid. And so we want your opinions on a few things because this is all about you.
If theres anything that you absolutely love in tiny homes or that you have been curious about please let us know so we can consider it as we design and start to build our tiny house rentals in the future.

Whether its something crazy like a climbing wall built on the outside like this house

Or something simple, just let us know.

There are a few things that we are really interested to know your opinion about. If any of these things are something that you really like or really dont like, or if you have an idea for a substitute. Please Please Please write a comment. Especially if its something that would either keep you from visiting or something that would make you want to visit.

What is your opinion on these things:

  • Composting toilet (click for more info)
  • Queen bed, king bed, or two twin beds
  • Memory foam bed or regular bed
  • Bathroom curtain vs. bathroom door
  • Fold out couch that turns into an extra bed downstairs
  • Having more kitchen space or more lounge space
  • Pallet table
  • Yoga balls for chairs vs. regular chairs
  • Pallet cabinets, drawers, and window frames


  • Princess canopy (mosquito netting around the bed). The bugs arent bad, its more for looks.
  • Being completely off-grid (not connected to any utilities)
  • Stair rails and guard rails for loft vs. none or a hand rail for the stairs mounted on the wall


  • Hand rail for stairs (the stairs in our future tiny houses wont be so small and steep)
  • Teaching about sustainable and off-grid living

If there’s anything else let us know. Feel free to post pictures of any tiny house features that are important to you



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  1. This looks freakin awesome and I want to rent one when they are done! The Only thing I would have questions about is the bathroom being right next to the kitchen and maybe smelling. What if you put a hard door their? Do you have have that issue? That really is the only thing I wonder about. How much are you planning on renting them for?

    P.s this is Michael smith from your mission, TLM

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