Our Tiny Home

Michael hates writing. So I have volunteered to write our blog. Yay! This blog is meant to help us document our crazy adventure with Down to Earth Getaway, our tiny house vacation rental company. But before I start telling the story from the present I want to go back to our beginning.

Michael and I met our last year in college. Our first date was A+ amazing! It was 10 hours long! Here are some of the highlights. We went to the beach, hiked to a beautiful waterfall, climbed and rattled a tangerine tree, left a trail of tangerine peel all the way to the car, almost ran over a peacock, witnessed a miracle (all 6 of Michael’s roommates were out), cooked and ate dinner on his rainy beachfront patio, and ended the night with guitar, singing, and tickling. As one would expect, Michael fell in love with me that day. A month and a half later we had our first kiss on top of a tiny island and I said “yes” to being his eternal companion. BUT…. during all his courting and falling in love, a great and tiny adventure was just beginning.

I still remember the day Michael briefly mentioned the idea. Michael helped carry my groceries home once, and as we walked he told me about a new project he was really excited about. He was building a tiny house on a trailer that would be fully powered by solar and rain water collection. I thought it was the coolest thing! I also secretly thought he was overly ambitious. I worked for a company that sold solar, and my limited understanding led me to believe it was impossible to run a house on solar panels alone. Nevertheless, I supported his idea and learned I was wrong along the way.
A couple months before our wedding Michael was about 30% done with the house and he had another overly ambitious idea…he wanted us to live in it when we got back from our honeymoon. At this point the house looked like a shack, with bare minimum flooring and walls, and a pluming job that Michael eventually redid. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I felt optimistic and excited. It sounded like an adventure and I knew that if we could make it happen (mostly Michael) it would be the most epic experience of our first year of marriage. I love Michael, and trust him, so I said yes to another life changing commitment.

We moved into the tiny house July 6th 2016, after camping by the Colorado river for a week (our honeymoon, another epic story). I was amazed to finally see what was kept a surprise to me the last month. I loved it! It was OUR home, built by Michael’s own hands, and even some corners were pathetically caulked by me. Nothing can compare to that feeling. It’s been five months since we first moved in and I still feel so blessed. We have experienced difficult circumstances with our house and have moved more than any college should in the middle of a crucial semester, but it has all prepared us for the greater adventure ahead.


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  1. OH my gosh!! I wish I would have thought of this before we packed our bags!
    Well, I know that this makes our next Hawaiian adventure possible again! So happy for you too! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon.

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