A Tiny Tour of Our Tiny House

Feb 7, 2017

Aloha, For all those who havent been able to see what its like inside our tiny house, we decided to give a tiny tour of our tiny house. We hope you enjoy the video! If you have any questions about the house or anything you would like in particular, we would love to show more. This is our home right …

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Pumba in Hawaii

Feb 6, 2017

Meet the newest addition to our family 🙂

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The Low Down on Composting Toilets

Jan 17, 2017

This Tiny House stuff just got real. Off grid tiny houses can’t have normal flushable toilets connected to the sewer so other creative alternatives help meet those everyday needs. Composting toilets are that creative alternative. Composting toilets are toilets that make fertilizer out of human waste. They usually separate liquids from solids to get rid of smells. The solids are …

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Our Trip to the Big Island Part II

Jan 9, 2017

For those who think Hawaii is always sunny and 70 degrees there is a very large area in Hawaii where the temperature drops to freezing and it snows! That place is of course on the Big Island and is known as Mauna Kea. We drove there right after church our Sunday there. We drove about an hour and a half …

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Our Trip to the BIG island: Part I

Jan 2, 2017

Our trip was a big success. We put just under 700 miles on our rental car, fell in love with an amazing property on the northern coast, ate lots of local produce, ate lots of local Mexican food (kind of random but we kept finding it), made awesome friends, and reconnected with old ones. We winged the first two days …

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Driftwood Christmas

Dec 23, 2016

Michael and I love to find distractions. Sometimes they make our lives more fun and other times they add to the stress. Our Driftwood Christmas tree turned out to be a little more on the stressful side, but we still managed to finish it. We were pretty enthusiastic collecting the driftwood, drilling the little holes, and we were super excited …

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Lazy Morning & Happy Kids

Dec 15, 2016

Michael likes to joke to people, “Michelle and I have been married for 6 months and we have 6 kids… but no children, yet.” Here are just a few of the cute little kids we get to hang out with occasionally. They may not be ours, but man are they fun to have for the short time we are living …

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Our Tiny Home

Dec 13, 2016

Michael hates writing. So I have volunteered to write our blog. Yay! This blog is meant to help us document our crazy adventure with Down to Earth Getaway, our tiny house vacation rental company. But before I start telling the story from the present I want to go back to our beginning. Michael and I met our last year in …

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