Lazy Morning & Happy Kids

Michael likes to joke to people, “Michelle and I have been married for 6 months and we have 6 kids… but no children, yet.” Here are just a few of the cute little kids we get to hang out with occasionally. They may not be ours, but man are they fun to have for the short time we are living here. One of my favorite things about living on the North Shore is the view from the mountains. We have a view most people never get to see when they visit, let alone live with everyday. Here’s just a little snippet of our Wednesday morning. My phone sort of died at the end but we will do a more extensive tour of our home once we are out of school for Christmas. So in the next week or so. In just about 2 days we are flying to the Big Island! We are going lot hunting and will hopefully have some awesome news about the future location of Down to Earth Getaway. We are so excited and overwhelmed with so much gratitude from the support we have received from all of our awesome friends here on campus. Quick shot out to Les Harper and James Zolman for being our awesome mentors! In short, there will be much to see and celebrate in the coming week 🙂

ALSO. Michael and I are trying to come up with awesome family traditions (this is our first Christmas as an ohana) so we are trying to do things we never did growing up and we want our future children to enjoy. We also want to keep things pretty green and frugal, so if you have an ideas PLEASE let us know! With that said we have an awesome video coming up of a DIY Christmas tree.

Mele Kalikimaka!


  1. whoa! i didn’t know y’all were starting a company of small houses and that you lived so good! i love the idea! and the kids! i want to see the inside!

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