Driftwood Christmas

Michael and I love to find distractions. Sometimes they make our lives more fun and other times they add to the stress. Our Driftwood Christmas tree turned out to be a little more on the stressful side, but we still managed to finish it. We were pretty enthusiastic collecting the driftwood, drilling the little holes, and we were super excited to decorate. We even found some cool rocks with natural holes in them, they were just begging to be decorations! But it turned out to be a lot harder to string the wood together then we imagined, we ran out of fishing line, and snapped a couple lines. I ended up cutting up a lanyard and an old bracelet to get it all the string we needed ;). It looks sweet though. The goal was to resurrect a dead tree instead of killing one, and we reached it. The best part about it is that because it was so hard the first time, it will be easier next year and in the years to come. This is definitely going in the Christmas tradition list for our children.

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