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A unique experience dedicated to teaching sustainable living on the island of Hawaii. Our tiny house vacation rentals are completely off the grid and our garden and workshops provide an opportunity for you to take these principles home with you.

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The experience

Tired of staying in hotels, eating food that has been shipped in, and experiencing a much more commercial Hawaii? Curious what its like to live this way? Either way, you deserve the real Hawaiian experience.


Living in a tiny house

240 glorious square feet! You’ll likely find out that its more than enough. Simplify your life. Less is more.


Living off the grid

Break away from the monopolies that control our utilities. Make your own power, collect your own water. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Revive.


Living off the land

There are few things better than eating food that you helped grow yourself.


There are so many sustainable practices to experience and learn about to enrich your life and reconnect you with nature! Here are a few.

Solar Power

Its an amazing feeling to know that all the electricity you use comes from the sun, which is free and would otherwise just be wasted. Then store all that solar power in a battery system to use when theres no sun to be seen.


Grow plants and fish at the same time. The fish fertilize the plants, and the plants filter the water for the fish. Plants grow about 3X faster, and weeds are minimal.


Learn to make what gardeners call “black gold.” These little worms will turn your compost into miracle dirt.

Rain Catchment

Rain water is great for the hair, the skin, the soul, the environment, and the wallet. No chemicals like in city water. Filtered to remove any possible dirt and give you water from the heavens.


Grow plants in water! No weeding. Hydroponics grows your greens faster. Garden towers are another way to grow things like herbs.

Tiny Goats

Tiny goats for a tiny house. Not just goats, but dwarf nubian goats. They make for great maintenance free lawn mowers, cute pets, and a source of milk and cheese.

Garden and fruit trees

We are getting further and further from where our food comes from and knowing what is actually in it. Gardening is the way to go.

Bees and Honey

Bees play a vital role in our environment, and sadly they are disappearing and becoming endangered. There’s also nothing sweeter than some fresh honey from local flowers. Also a great allergy relief.

Solar Dehydration

Sometimes there are just too many fruits and veggies to eat as they ripen. Use the heat of the sun to save them for another day. Who doesnt like dried mangoes?

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